Regardless of your abilities, beginner or experienced,
man or woman, shape or size, all are welcome.  
Classes are aligned with the traditional roots of yoga
and are accessible, challenging and uplifting.  This is
your place to tune in and chill out.
I honor the love, truth and
kindness that is within you
because it is also within me. In
sharing these things there is no
distance or difference between us,
we are the same, we are one.
Cat Donovan
Experienced Yoga Teacher (T.R.Y. for Life YTT - 2005)
CYT - Certified Yoga Teacher (AFAA - 2001)
Pilates Mat Instructor (AFAA - 2003)
My first and favorite teacher was my mother. As a
child, I watched her practice intriguing and beautiful
poses. I found physical and emotional relief as a yoga
student in the 1990s.  I committed to a practice and  
physical misalignments corrected and overuse injuries
healed. What wasn't anticipated was the lifting of
anxiety and dissipation of grief.  I could finally
I am grateful beyond words for whatever tiny role I
may play in helping students discover their light and
mean it with all my heart when I say, Namaste:
Yoga has changed my life in different ways, over and
over again.  And, I've witnessed profound changes in
others as their bodies rehabilitate, minds open and
hearts heal.  Must be something to this life changing
body/mind science; Five Thousand years isn't a fad.  
I uncovered  strength, confidence and wisdom, and
found myself exploring things that at one time would
have been unthinkable.  In 2001, I
began teaching.   
I bring 16 years of teaching experience to my classes
and draw from a variety of yoga styles including
Vinyasa, Asthanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Tao, Yin and core
strength based on the principles of Joseph H. Pilates.  
My classes are also influenced by many local, national
and international teachers and studios.   
Yoga is a practice which means that no one ever gets
to the top or graduates.  It is not a workout although it
has positive effects on the physical body, nor is it a
religion although it can help to connect to others and
to a higher power.  Rather, it is the way to tap into the
light that lies within and it is in that light where you will
find all that you are seeking.  Its only requirement is
that you show up and roll out your mat.  
Yoga is for internal cleaning, not external exercising.
K. Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga Yoga Founder