Class Descriptions
Basic Flow -  Introducing sun salutations, the
foundation of flow yoga.  These challenging yet
accessible poses offer practitioners a satisfying
and invigorating practice.  Take the Basics and
let it flow!  
Open Flow - Sun salutations are the foundation
of this energizing, heat building practice consisting
of standing and balancing poses, back bends, hip
openers, arm balances and inversions.  Connect
breath and movement with this dynamic style so as
to develop strength, stamina and flexibility.
Basics (Beginner Friendly) - Start or
refresh your yoga journey. Explore the
foundation of breath and movement.  Movements
are slower paced than the Open Flow and focus
on developing clear and safe alignment. Tap into
your power in a supportive environment. You
don't need to be able to touch your toes; you just
need to be willing to try.
Corporate - The benefits of yoga are
extraordinary for individuals who work long hours
and have sedentary jobs.  Reduces sick days,
promotes teamwork and gets rid of that 2:30 feeling.  
Customized Private - This is ideal for new
students, people with unpredictable schedules or
specific health issues (e.g. insomnia, injuries).
Options include: chair yoga, Yin/deep stretch,
Ashtanga, Tao, sport specific (golf, tennis, running),
pilates, advanced, first class/beginner, guided
meditation and more. Studio or your location. $75/hr.
Yoga Parties - Enjoy 60 minute of yoga for you
and your guests followed by a creative party
including activities such as catering and massage.  
Bridal parties, birthdays, girls night out or any
occasion.  All levels.
Pilates.  Let go of the mindset of isolating one
part of the body or just contracting certain muscles
for a toned midsection.  Build core and total body
strength without crunches and flatten and
strengthen the midsection by involving the efforts of
all muscles and stretching the arms and legs in
opposite directions.  A strong core is the key to a
more advanced practice involving arm balances
and inversions.  
Follow the Yogi Flow - A flow style class led
by the teacher allowing students to follow. Poses
and breath techniques will be called, but minimum
alignment instruction will be given. Not appropriate
for beginning students.