5th Annual 108 Sun Salutations
Lakewood Park Solstice Steps (West End)
June 21, 7:30 to 8:45p

The auspicious 108 sun salutations are practiced at the beginning of each
new season to honor it, to celebrate our accomplishments of the
previous season and to offer ourselves to all the possibilities of the new
season. We honor the significance of the sun, the light of the world and
our primary source of heat and power.

So often when we are doing something challenging or repetitive, it is the
limitations of the mind that we come up against way before the
limitations of the body. But there is only ever one sun salutation to
complete, the one you're in. Forget about how many you need to do or
whether or not you can finish, and simply focus on the present
salutation. Take breaks and join back in. Or just sit and breathe and
enjoy the energy of the group.

It is profoundly empowering for body, mind and spirit.

Practice at dusk in the powerful setting sun of the longest day of the
year.  Mats available. If rain, meet at Studio.

Lakewood Summer Solstice Celebration is happening during this event (6
to 10:30p) so come early and enjoy the other festivities.