Life isn't always easy and having a brain wired to
take in the bad and ignore the good makes us
worried, irritated and stressed.  Join us for this
amazing workshop based on the principles of
re-hardwiring the brain for happiness by Rick
Hansen, Ph.D., as well as Patanjali's Sutra 1.3.  

We will have an experiential discussion about
overriding the brain's default programming and
learn a simple method that uses the hidden power
of everyday experiences to build new neural
structures that attract happiness, love, confidence
and peace.  

Following the discussion, we will move and breathe
through a yoga practice specifically sequenced to
open the meridians which most impact mood and

Following our asana practice, we will chant and
meditate to balance the fourth (heart) chakra so as
to cultivate love and compassion toward ourselves
and all sentient beings.  

The evening concludes with the 2011 film
documentary HAPPY directed by Roko Belic.  
HAPPY takes us on a journey from the swamps of
Louisiana to the slums of Kolkata in search of what
really makes people happy. Combining real life
stories of people from around the world and
powerful interviews with the leading scientists in
happiness research, HAPPY explores the secrets
behind our most valued emotion.
(Organic/non-GMO popcorn cooked in organic
coconut oil with Himalayan  sea salt included.)

Don't miss this healing, happy evening! All
Live Your Happiest Life (Santosha)
Saturday, April 28th
4 to 7:30p

New Classes!
Thursdays and Sundays
Yoga Basics

I have to tell you that as I enter into my 57th year of
life, I have never felt better which I owe in great part
to yoga.  Please join me in these all level classes as I
share what I do to stay youthful, peaceful and
centered.  It is my hope to help as many who are
open to the message that if you create space in your
life for a dedicated yoga (or any mind/body) practice,
you will age better, avoid injury and cultivate inner
and outer strength not to mention Improve balance,
flexibility, focus, strength and energy.  I know
because I am living it.

Props, chairs and modifications available so all are
welcome including those who have not before
practiced.  On Sundays, enjoy an extra long
savasana/meditation for added clarity and peace.

Thursday 9 to 10A
Sunday, 10 to 11:15A