Practicing in a very hot environment is not physiologically natural for
the human body. Our classes build a great amount of internal,
natural and healing heat.
Studio space unlike any other.  
My intense and powerful session with DeeDee produced spiritual goose bumps and I was
moved to a deep, peaceful place.  I highly recommend DeeDee's gifted sessions.  For more
information, check out her Facebook page, Serenity Energy Healing, or contact her at or 216.272.8601.
  • 15 years ago, I turned the first floor of my beautiful Century Lakewood home into
    warm and inviting studio space infused with positive yogic energy.

  • Away from the loud and busy street.

  • Peaceful feng shui for the senses: soothing interior colors, soft/natural light, open
    windows/fresh air, genuine hardwood floors, calming water feature, unique music and
    the scent of incense.
I have partnered with Reiki Master DeeDee Planinsek to bring Reiki to the Studio.  DeeDee
recognized her gift to heal energy  at a young age and began practicing energy healing in
2008, becoming a Reiki Master in 2016.