Practicing in a very hot environment is not physiologically natural for
the human body. Our classes build a great amount of internal,
natural and healing heat.
Studio space unlike any other.  
My intense and powerful session with DeeDee produced spiritual goose bumps and I was
moved to a deep, peaceful place.  I highly recommend DeeDee's gifted sessions.  For more
information, check out her Facebook page, Serenity Energy Healing, or contact her at or 216.272.8601.
  • 15 years ago, I turned the first floor of my beautiful Century Lakewood home into
    warm and inviting studio space infused with positive yogic energy.

  • Away from the loud and busy street.

  • Peaceful feng shui for the senses: soothing interior colors, soft/natural light, open
    windows/fresh air, genuine hardwood floors, calming water feature, unique music and
    the scent of incense.
I have partnered with Reiki Master DeeDee Planinsek to bring Reiki to the Studio.  DeeDee
recognized her gift to heal energy  at a young age and began practicing energy healing in
2008, becoming a Reiki Master in 2016.  
NPA Coatings Inc. has been practicing with
Cat Donovan since November 2011. Cat
comes to our location and holds the class
during employee lunch breaks. She is very
accommodating for all-levels of yoga
participants and takes the time to get to
know everyone. Many of our employees
have gone on to take classes at her studio
as well. I do believe that employees that
have participated in her class have had a
much more relaxed demeanor and overall
felt better after leaving the class.

Personally, I have practiced with Cat at
work, at her studio and at her outdoor
classes. Her studio is a calming, welcoming
environment. Cat was even nice enough to
hold a private practice for my family and
bridesmaids the morning of my wedding; a
memory that I will never forget! I
appreciate Cat's clam presence and
no-judgment atmosphere.

We have worked together over the years
and I am happy to call Cat my friend!

Caitlin Christie, HR Manager
NPA Coatings Inc.
I began practicing yoga with Cat
Donovan in the fall of 2010 and have
been a regular student ever since.
Initially, my goals were to improve
upper body strength and balance.
However, over the ensuing years I've
also found that my self-confidence has
improved, my stress decreased and my
body feels better. Throughout, Cat has
been an excellent guide and inspiration
thanks to her skill, her passion and her
empathy. Yoga has changed my life for
the better thanks to Cat and Yoga West

Robert Staib
Even though I have been  practicing
with Cat for almost ten years, I almost
always learn something new each time I
attend one of her classes. Not only is
she  very knowledgeable about the
many dimensions of this wonderful thing
we call yoga, she has an inviting
presence and is fun to be with. While, I
am now a yoga teacher myself, I'm still
learning from her. I have seen and
experienced her skillful interaction with
brand new yogis and others seeking a
more challenging practice. She is a
generous teacher, always willing to
answer a question and share her wisdom.

Joe Gauntner, PhD, RYT 200
I have been studying under Cat for 5
years now. I pretty much take all her
classes and workshops. I feel I am
always learning and growing no matter
how many times I do a pose or focus
on breathing. Yoga, thanks greatly to
Cat, has changed my life, it's changed
me and my out look on things, I am
forever indebted to Cat. My mat has
become my best friend and a source of
calming. I have clarity, flexibility and I
genuinely feel happier, lighter. I love
yoga and it will always be a part of me
for all my days. A big shout out to Cat
though. You MUST try her classes. No
judgement and the atmosphere is
perfect. I would never go else where.

Jane Mickol